Ambulatory Blood Pressure Monitoring

This device automatically measures your blood pressure at regular intervals during the day and night for a 24 hour period. Connection of the device takes approximately 20 minutes.

On the day of the test

  • Please bathe/shower in the morning – you will NOT be able to swim/shower during the 24 hour monitoring period
  • Please wear a 2 piece outfit.

Connection of the device

  • A blood pressure cuff will be placed on the upper arm and must remain in place throughout the entire monitoring period.
  • A small recording device will be worn across the shoulder or around the waist.

During the monitoring period

  • When the device beeps, it is about to take a blood pressure measurement. Please sit or stand still, stop talking and keep your cuffed arm straight until the cuff deflates.
  • If you experience any symptoms (even if they were brief or slight), press the event EVENT button on the device, and make a note of the symptoms in the special diary which will be given to you.
  • Please press the day-night Day/Night button once when you go to sleep and once when you wake up.
  • If you have any difficulties with the equipment or feel it may have been dislodged, please notify the office on 9389 8658.
  • Go about your normal activities throughout the testing period.

After the 24 hour monitoring period

  • The equipment and symptom diary must be returned at a specific time (usually your scheduled appointment the following day).
  • A full report will be sent to your Doctor after the results have been reviewed by a Cardiologist.